The mission of the William W. Niles School (MS 118) is to empower every child to achieve a bright future as an individual and as a member of our nation and the world. We partner with young people and their families to support their development into thoughtful, informed, caring and productive adults. The values of hard work, personal responsibility and compassion are the foundation of our community of learners and leaders.

MS 118 houses three academically-focused academies to meet the diverse needs of middle school students: The Honors Academies at MS 118: Pace & Spectrum and the Academy of Excellence. This design allows staff and students to benefit from the advantages of smaller learning communities inside a larger building. As a large school, we are able to offer more types of electives, enrichment, and major partnerships that support college and career readiness. Because we have smaller academies, we are able to offer a personalized experience for all students with teacher teams, an Advisory program, a variety of celebrations and parent engagement activities, and dedicated teachers and counselors who connect personally with their students.